A piece from my long running story, In Sommnia.

Fiction, philosophy, mystery, fantasy…

This extract contains the threat of violence.

Reading Age – 16+


In Sommnia

Too much Mud


The frantic thudding of my heart, the pounding of my feet on hard earthy ground, a blur of pine trees.  Darker and darker shadows engulf me as I run to hide in the bowels of the wood.

I feel him everywhere.

In another world there was a picnic in sunshine, a woman and a man in love; a simple and ordinary moment, but a happy lie.

There are two men, competely different from one another.  The one: sweet and loving…and the other: controlling, subject to sudden rages, unjustified jealousy, and cruel acts.  How can both of them be the one person?

I’ve never been more terrorfied.  The fear of death has slowed down time, sharpened my senses, kickstarted my adrenalin rush for survival.  I can’t believe this is happening to me.

As I run – hoping it is the right direction, away from danger – I think of the home we’d made together.  Think of the good times and how all of this has been recently ruined and I can’t fathom why.

My pounding feet hit the asphalt of the road, houses to the left and right of me, brilliant sunshine dazzling my vision.  A pleasant warm August day but not a soul about.  No one mowing the grass, tending the flowerbeds, chatting over the fence to a neighbour, washing the car, enjoying and basking in the sun.  No child plays in the garden, cycles a bicycle, and no dog barks a warning as I pass.

There’s an uncanny feeling of life not existing.  Everything looks normal on the outside but it isn’t right…  Sweet surbubia turned sickly.

Out of breath I slow to a walk, turning the corner to the road where I live.  With him.  I can’t remember how I got here.

There’s an urgent shout, he is calling my name.  I turn and look, scanning the road, the gardens of the neighbourly houses.  I am surprised and sickened to see him standing at the gate in our garden.  How did he get there?  I didn’t see him pass me on the road.

There’s a friendly smile on his face.  A face that is no longer marred and twisted by rage.

A worm of  caution twists in my stomach:  Be careful!  Think what’s best to do…but think quickly, there’s no time in being leisurely…think what to do now.

The gate out of the garden is opening, he is stepping onto the road; I begin to run again. 

As I’m running the length of the road, the empty houses flanking its sides, I’m thinking where can I run to?  There is no person who will provide me a sanction, the only option is to hide.

I hear his footfalls behind me, I picture the fake smile on his face. 

He is faster and stronger than me, I will need to find somewhere to hide fast!

Then the ground turns sticky and my speed is hindered.  Strange.  The ground is no longer feeling like hard asphalt.  I look down…and gasp in horror.  I am trying to move in thick mud!

A hurried scan of the immediate area proves the whole road has somehow turned to mud.

Dark mud that looks like treacle and sticks to me like glue.  I’m no longer able to run, so I slowly tread through it, picking up each foot with effort, trying to move forward as fast as is possible.  However my difficult trek is continuously slowing…I’m almost at a standstill now.

My eyes dart round for him.

I feel him everywhere; he’s saturated my being, taken over my world.  He is everywhere – I sense him like he’s not a mere human but an evil all-pervading spirit.

I’m unable to get an accurate fixture on him.

I might as well face it:  I am stuck.


Copyright / by Faith 2009