A piece from my long running story, In Sommnia.

Fiction, philosophical, mystery, fantasy…

Reading Age – 16+


In Sommnia

Teddy knows best


“You didn’t…?”                                                                                                                                                         

I nodded.

“It’s not good what you’re doing.”

“I know”.

“What if you get caught…What then?”

“I can’t stop”.

Teddy stared hard at me from across the darkened room.  I looked away, unable to meet his eyes, guilty for upsetting him.  And Teddy Always Knew Best.

Teddy’s face was sort of immobile ~ obviously his mouth could smile (upward curve) or grimmace (horizontal line) ~ but I could read a 1000 emotions in those fixed black eyes.

I emptied the pocket of my jeans, a rainbow of colours scattered and bounced across the glass top of the low table.  20 tiny, hard, rubber balls.  Inexpensive.  Of no use to me.                                                                                                                            

From the shadowy corner which is barely lit from the one lamp 12 feet away in the opposite corner, I heard Teddy sigh.  I knew without seeing that his mouth was in a horizontal line and that he was wringing his paws.  Outward looks can be deceptive but how can a 15 inch short teddy  bear be so wise, so human

Slowly he padded across the carpetted floor towards me (mouth now a serious line, paws awringing), then passed me on his way to the cupboard situated in the wall behind me.  I turned to watch him as he widely opened the cupboard door that had been left ajar (this is just as well since he would have had an arduous job reaching for the door handle). 

There was a sudden landslide of brightly coloured small balls, quickly transforming the dark green carpet into a playful abstract of colour.  I shouldn’t, but I smiled.  The rubber balls were 2 or 3 inches deep, pooled about us in a 10 foot area. 

I couldn’t remember collecting so many.

As if stealing my thoughts, Teddy says: “I didn’t realise you stole so many”.


::: to be continued :::


Copyright / by Faith 2009