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Worlds Within Worlds

And All The Colours Of White

Where Fact Follows Fiction

And Fantasy Takes Flight

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My Truth, My Reality


Trying In Chaos

(Lies And Cruelty And Manipulation

The Dark Games Of

Those Twisted –


– And Anyway The Background Is Wrong)

But It’s A Beautiful World. 

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Seek And Strive For


And Let The Sun Shine


Speak And Feel What’s


(No Matter The Pain)

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Little Child

Be Happy

Have Courage

Learn What’s


And Be


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T’is A Hard Life

But It’s A Beautiful World.

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Faith 2009


A poem about not being able to sleep.

Reading age – Any age.


…~~~The Slumber Chant~~~…

The night is for sleeping,

there will be no peeping until the morn…

journey under the covers to a fantasy world of unicorns,

princesses, pirates with looted gold

and castles and dragons and knights so bold

wizards who sourcer, witches who spell

long ago memories, old stories to tell

flying carpets and the phoenix so old

story of a silver lamp that was sold…

The night is for sleeping,

there will be no peeping until the morn…

when you will awake, afresh and yawn

no doubt forgetting the dreams of the dawn…


Copyright / by Faith 2004



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Visit Faith McCord on Smashwords!


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